Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Getting Started.

The timetable resumed today.

Early this morning, 1E had CME and Calligraphy class, followed by their favourite time always, recess.

After Recess, we spent some time sorting out locker issues, managed to do a simple About Me work, tagged Maths Activity Books according to group colours.

Penmanship books were collected from pupils who had brought theirs and for those who are still holding on to the Penmanship book at home, were asked to bring it to school tomorrow.

After English was time with their Art teacher, Mdm Lau Hwai Bing. She had requested that pupils are to bring these items next week:

Some Hongbao packets

They are going to prepare decorations for the coming festive season.

Finally, they had last two periods with Ms Low for Chinese.

Parents, please take note that pupils were given the Calendar of Events for Term 1 & 2. Do refer to this calendar for upcoming events in the school.

There's PE tomorrow, so please help to ensure that your little ones wear PE attire to school.

P/S: Just some clarification about timetable: CA refers to Calligraphy, SS is Social Studies, FTI is Form Teacher Interaction (usually Assembly or CDP lessons) and MU is music. Social Studies will be taught in Chinese Language and parents need not worry about the books as these will be given to the pupils.


Anonymous said...

Ms Linda, thank you for taking time to update the class activities in this blog for our benefit. Really appreciate that. Thank You! - Mrs Ang

Keith said...

Hi. Many thanks. These updates are really helpful. Kind regards, Kyle's dad.

Michelle (Rayner's Mum) said...

Dear Ms Linda

Thanks for updating the blog on daily basis to keep us informed of the class' progress and it's good to see that the children are enjoying themselves in school.

Appreciate your effort, keep it up!