Friday, January 2, 2009

First Day Of School at NYPS

Here are some pictures taken of Primary 1E pupils during their first day of Orientation. Apologies for the poor photo quality as pictures were taken using a handphone camera.

Early this morning, the pupils were reminded of some signals that they had learnt during ‘Orientation day’ last year.

They were also introduced to their Primary 5 buddies who would be interacting with them and helping them during recess time to reduce Mummy and Daddy's anxiety.

Their buddies taught them how to make 4-pointed stars using origami papers.

Most of the Primary Ones could not wait for their recesses.

I have collected most of the activity books and advised the pupils to put the rest of their belongings under their tables for the moment. However, some might have brought them home when Ms Low Miao Noi (their Chinese teacher) asked them to remember to bring their things during her last 2 periods. So parents, if your little ones have brought home part of their bounty, please ask them to bring those back to school on Monday and I would remind them to put their things under their table for the moment.

Last but not least, parents could you kindly prepare a yellow file(with clear plastic in front) for Music?

Have a nice weekend ahead and I look forward to meeting your child back in school on Monday!

Early birds waiting for class to start!
Hello! Nice to meet you!
Interaction time.
Interaction time
Where is my 2n lines? oops 4 lines...with buddies in tow.
getting ready for recess!
happy time in the canteen
I love recess time!
Listening intently to Mdm Heng.
Mdm Heng asked the girls about their hair.
Trying to get it right.
See what I made!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the wonderful pictures and the updates. Fully appreciate the time and the effort taken to blog these entries. Kudos.